Wildlife Movement Education Project

AFC created the Wildlife Movement Education Project to provide interactive learning to students who can't travel to our properties. Historically, our educational programs focus on bringing students to our properties and giving them hands-on learning opportunities. These programs are very successful, but we continue searching for a way to share conservation stewardship with those students who are unable to visit our properties. Our new project – the Wildlife Movement Educational Project – will do just that. We are installing cameras on all our properties as well as other potential wildlife corridors and creating a website to upload the data gathered and share it with any and all interested teachers & students. The information will be condensed, stored and indexed for ease of use. We plan to provide this resource free to all interested teachers. For those students who have visited our properties, this project will provide continuing access their teachers can use to supplement any curriculum they choose to design. They may not see wildlife when they visit, but now will remotely on an ongoing basis.

This project is a work in progress...stay tuned to see what's next!

Meanwhile, take a look at camera trapper Johanna Turner's passion for filming wildlife: