Rosemont Preserve: Original Donors

The following people and organizations gave generously to help secure the land for the Rosemont Preserve in 2011 and 2012. Thanks to the Crescenta Valley community for its tremendous support.

Major Grantor

County of Los Angeles, Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich

Major Donors

Henry Fliegel
Scarlett Hibner
Desiree & Paul Rabinov
Wells Fargo

Community Groups

Crescenta Valley Group of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club
Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley
La Crescenta Women's Club
Montrose-La Crescenta Kiwanis Club
San Fernando Valley Audubon Society

$500 Club

The donors listed below gave $500 or more to help establish the Rosemont Preserve.

Tracey Alsobrook
Nick Avedissian and Mike Derian, Keller Williams Realty
Desdy & Charles Baggott
Bank of America
Sharon & Scott Bateman
Tom Brady
Diana & Jeff Busta
John Campbell
Tony Chahine
Doug Farr
First Pacific Advisors, LLC
Jackie Genofile
Dino Gioia
Barbara and Roy Goto
Ronna & Ian Harris
Judith & Frederick Hoeptner
Kevin Kroeker
Daniel Limonadi
Deborah & Bob Marlowe
Debbie & Neil Mottinger
Barbara Nielsen & Bill Bell
Susan & John Pearson
Karen & Steve Pierce
Anthony Portantino
Pamela Rogers
Robert Ruby
Susie & Clarke Scherff
Allison & Lake Setzler
Gloria Surtees
Lyn & Quentin Swan
Mary & Michael Veselich
Dave Weeshoff
Linda & Bob Winters
Roobik Yaghoubi


Jeanne Akerley
Michal Atkins
Camille Avellano
Julianne Bach
Kristina Barkume
Laurie Barlow
Deborah and Mercer Barrows
Beth and Dean Batali
Kitty and Peter Bates
Pat and David Beggs
Julia Bell
Dawna and Rick Berger
Dena and David Blood
Susan and Jeffrey Bolan
Linda Borgeson and Jeff Leake
Michelle and Barry Bottrell
Shelley Bowers
Helena and Ross Bowman
Robert Breiner
Jeanne Broberg
Diane and Ronald Bularz
Gerrie and Thomas Bunn
Jeremy Burnham
Jannette and John Buss
Milton Butler
Marie and Stuart Byles
Marilyn Cable
Cathy Cagle
Tania and Michael Cahill
Jane and Bruce Campbell
Holly Cannon
Maureen and Robert Carlson
Melane Carlson
Lisa and Don Carp
Karin and Jason Carson
Pat and Ken Cartmell
Bobby Chin
Lee Clarke
Joan and Curtis Cleven
Beth and Frank Colcord
Mary Coles
Sylvia Colosimo
Judy and William Costello
Jim Craig
Mary Cross and Lawren Markle
David Datz
Bronwyn Dawson
Susan and Donald Deardorff
Joan Degen Kolb and Barry Kolb
Pat and Harry Detweiler
Delores and Richard Dickinson
Marilyn Dixon
Lynn and Avery Drewe
Althea Edwards and Frank Magallanes
Annmarie Eldering
Nancy Ellyson
Katherine Emery
Danette Erickson
Danette and Kerry Erickson
James Evans
Michele and Rick Evans
George Faeustle
Patricia Farless
Helga and Erwin Fellner
Patricia Ferguson
Susan Fighera
Carol Fodera and Tim Song Jones
Jill Fraser
Mike Gatto
Martha Georgelos
Wendlyn Giancanelli
Carol Gibson
Linda and Stephen Gill
Dan Goldich
Ann and Jose Gonzalez
Patricia Gonzalez
John Grant
Margaret and Gerald Gruss
Isabel Guzman
Lucie Hagens
Bruce Hale
Beverly Hansing
Dennis Harper
Julia and Lewis Hastings
Bob Hingston
Craig Hodges
Elizabeth and James Isenman
Bill James
Sharon and William James
Julep Custom Floral
Shawn Kang
Lisa Kelly and Michael Seales
Alice Khatchooni and Craig Valentine
Cathy Kissinger
James Kohel
Tracy Krosnoff and Jeff Haywood
Frank La Casella
Eileen Lau
Mike Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence  Glascott
Ruth Lee and Jeremy Jones
Diana and Robert Leff
Bambi Leigh Hale and Ben Fitzsimmons
Linda and Gerry Lentz
Patricia Lewin
Raymonde Lewis
Fae and James Lumsden
Michael Luna
Barbara and Willie Mao
Dolores and Harvey Marsh
Genovieve Martinez
Gene Mauk
Elizabeth McMurray
Anne McNeill
Beverly and Larry McReynolds
Winkee Melton
Doris Miner and Richard Rieboldt
Marian Mirsky
Mr. and Mrs. Moon
Mary Morley
Barbara Morrow and John Despain
Janice and Timothy Munson
Deniz Nelson
Eloise Nelson
Margot Nenzell
Pat and Samuel Nicholson
Michael O'Connor
Carol and Jack Oliver
Sarah Orth
Audrey Parmiter
John Pearson
Chizuko and Richard Petersen
Bernice and Joseph Placentine
Barbara Poland
Sharon and David Poppler
Ellen and Anthony Portantino
Claudia and William Pounders
Molly Powers
Christine Pushee
Susan Ricciardi
Julie Richards
Linda and Walter Roberts
Joseph Salvino
San Fernando Valley Audubon Society
Elena and Richard Saydah
Dave Scheider
Steven Schroeder
Young Seok Suh
Diana Sertich
Marsha Shaftel
Alice Sheehy
Sue and Dave Siebels
Arnold Siegel
Elaine Silvestro
Conni and Don Siminski
Marilyn and Greg Smith
Janet Sorrentino
Sherrill and Daniel Stubbs
Judy Tejeda
Peter Theisinger
Kathleen Thompson and Clarinda Francis
Homer Tom
Katherine Turner
Naomi and Vincent Varsh
Omourtag and Svetla Velev
Lynn and Donald Voss
Leann and William Warner
Louise and Tom Webb
Melissa Weinberg
Sharon and William Weisman
Becky and Chuck Weiss
James Williams
Linda and Jonas Williams
Annie Windsor
Phillip Wolf
Judy and Bill Woodmancy
Jean Woody
Carol and Roger Young
Rita Zobayan and Paul Rickey
Valerie Zografos