Rosemont Preserve: Community Projects

AFC and the Crescenta Valley community created the Rosemont Preserve in June 2012. Since then, we’ve been working hard with local volunteers to turn the land into a resource for the local community. Here’s a list of what we’ve been doing.

  • AFC formed an advisory committee called the Friends of the Rosemont Preserve. Composed of dedicated volunteers from the local community, the Friends are developing volunteer-driven restoration and education programs at the Preserve, in addition to managing access to the land. The Friends have a big hand in every project on this list.
  • We’re working with local scout troops and schools to develop programs and curricula that will bring kids to the land. A Girl Scout troop is helping with a tree-planting project as well as developing educational resources to be used by the docents who lead tours on the property. We have already helped one Eagle Scout candidate complete his Eagle Project on the property and are discussing projects with other Eagle Scout candidates as well.  We have established regular restoration days and invited local schools to include us in their community service projects.
  • In May, 2013, we launched a field trip program for local schools on the Preserve.  Curriculum was developed at Mountain Avenue Elementary School to educate students in the local ecosystem, as well as in plant and wildlife identification.  We are currently working to expand the program to additional grades at Mountain Avenue, as well as introduce it to other schools in the area.
  • We’re hosting events for the local community. This summer we hosted a tour of the property led by Jim Adams entitled "Medicinal and Food Uses of Native Plants on the Rosemont Preserve."  We are also holding "Open Gate" days at the Preserve where we open the property to the community to come and enjoy at their leisure.
  • We’re restoring the Preserve’s native tree canopy by planting 60 new trees. Rather than bring in saplings from elsewhere, we are growing the trees ourselves from acorns and seeds collected by volunteers at the Preserve, to ensure that the trees will be exactly the type that would have grown there naturally.
  • We developed a trail on the property which opened in May, 2013.  It was planned and built by a local Eagle Scout candidate, along with help from AFC's consulting biologists and many community volunteers.
  • Our biologists are creating a management plan to guide restoration and use of the land.
  • We’ve held ten restoration days so far as part of our effort to remove invasive plants. The project was featured on the front page of the Sunday Glendale News-Press, and in the Crescenta Valley Weekly. We’ve also hosted the California Conservation Corps for invasive removal.
  • An environmental engineering class at Harvey Mudd College has developed ideas for replacing intrusive county flood-control structures on the land with a more attractive alternative. We are in the process of considering their ideas with the county.

Have an idea for the preserve that you don’t see on this list? E-mail the Friends of the Rosemont Preserve at and suggest it!