Hahamongna to Tujunga Wildlife Corridor

Listen to this female mountain lion, trapped in the Verdugo Mountains, as she calls out for a mate...it's a cry for help we can not ignore!

The Hahamongna to Tujunga Wildlife Corridor Initiative has a goal of linking the San Gabriel Mountains at Hahamongna Watershed Park to the San Gabriels at Big Tujunga Wash for wildlife passage through the San Rafael Hills and the Verdugo Mountains, a 20-mile long Corridor. A successful project will bring to life 2,400 acres of habitat in the San Rafaels and 11,000 acres in the Verdugos by connecting them with the 700,000-acre Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriels. Wildlife can then live in these urban hills with ready access to others of their species in the abundant range of the San Gabriels, assuring genetic diversity.