Friends of the Rosemont Preserve

The Friends of the Rosemont Preserve is a community-based volunteer advisory committee of the Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of the Rosemont Preserve. The Friends plan community programs, lead hikes and hold restoration days, among other things. You can contact us at

Some tips on why a garden of California native plants is a good idea during this drought - courtesy of super volunteer and native plant expert, Roger Klemm:

"I do have a quote from Lisa Novick of the Theodore Payne Foundation, to the effect that a properly designed native landscape only uses 1/7 the water of a mainstream landscape.

The other numbers I have are for my yard, which is mostly native. I water some of it once every two weeks, and the majority once every four weeks, in the spring and into the mid summer. The four week parts I don't water at all in August and September; the two week parts I continue until it starts raining in the fall. When I water, my goal is to apply 1/4 inch of rain - basically to simulate a light storm. So half of my yard is getting a quarter inch of "rain" each month for 4-5 months (so an extra inch, maybe inch and a half), the rest of it gets a half inch of "rain" each month for 6-7 months (for a total of three to three and a half inches of precipitation).

This is in comparison to turf grass, which comes from places that get at least 40" of rainfall a year. Since we get about 15" of rain in an average year, that means turf needs 25" of supplemental irrigation, on average. Yikes, no wonder there are inentives for turf replacement!"