Help Preserve Wildlife Corridors

If we fail...

If we raise the money to buy the land we can save it. The owners are hoping we do. But if we don’t, what will happen?

The property will be listed for sale to developers. As of September 10, 2013 the house at 1500 Normandy Drive, immediately adjacent to the Cottonwood property, was listed for $5,800,000. The Cottonwood property is zoned to allow four houses to be built. The owners earlier hired a local architect who proposed dividing the property into parcels as shown to the left.  This depiction shows homes that could potentially be built on the property.

With a developer building four houses, the wildlife corridor would be squeezed shut at Inverness Drive, and likely also at Normandy Drive. Animals would lose their critical pathway from the vast openness of the San Rafael hills to the Arroyo Seco and on to Hahamongna Park and the San Gabriel Mountains.