The Foothills and You

On most days, the San Gabriel Mountains function like a painted scrim at the back of an old movie set, a pretty backdrop to frame our busy lives.

When we venture into the foothills, however, we find ourselves immersed in an ecosystem as varied as the one we left behind. Only 100 yards from the trailhead, the city seems another country. We reach the top of a rise, and find the scenery reversed: the foothills have become the stage, the city the flimsy backdrop.

Coming to the foothills gives us a new perspective on the city, and our lives in it. The foothills serve as an escape valve, a place for exercise, a source of inspiration and renewal.

Coming to the foothills also reminds us that wilderness is something that can be found not only in far-flung lands, but in our own backyard. It reminds us of the creatures that live there, and the delicate balance between their ecoystem and our own.

The Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy seeks to maintain this balance by preserving and protecting pockets of wild lands. We seek to bring people to these lands in a way that allows them to appreciate the wilderness without intruding on it. We hope you'll join us.