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    Help Preserve Wildlife Corridors

    Welcome the New Mountain Lion to the Verdugos

    Say hello to our newcomer!

    Photo courtesy of Roy Dunn

    AFC wildlife photographer Johanna Turner and fellow photographer Roy Dunn were ecstatic when they checked cameras and found this June 19 image. (Johanna has been placing AFC's remotely triggered cameras in locations she thinks a new mountain lion might appear.) When they looked closely they realized we have a NEW MOUNTAIN LION IN THE VERDUGOS!!!

    Denis Callet rushed to check his cameras and found this great shot. 

    Since P-41 so sadly passed last year, Nikita has been all alone. Could this be a male --- and a new suitor to Nikita?


    Photo courtesy of Johanna Turner

    It sure looks promising!

    "Do you know Nikita is here too, all alone?  She's been waiting..."

    Video courtesy of Johanna Turner

     "...but she's going to give you a run for your money..."

    We don't know how Adonis - Johanna's nickname for him - found his way into the Verdugos. This is our job: locating possible routes to secure and enhance for safe passage for all wildlife between areas of native habitat. Johanna and Denis are leading the way.

    So guess who Nikita -- and Adonis -- are thanking?  YOU!  Their patrons and our supporters.  All is possible, working together.



    A couple things to keep in mind:

    As Adonis gets to know his new territory,, let's remember to take normal precautions with our pets.

    Also, let's not use any kind of rat poison, because they all wreak havoc on the entire wildlife food chain.  Six different kinds were found in P-41's carcass.


    Have you seen AFC's exhibit at Descanso Gardens yet?

    Folks are raving about AFC's wall in the Growing Habitat exhibit in the Sturt Haaga Gallery at Descanso Gardens - running now through August 19th.  See what Descanso docent and San Fernando Valley Audubon Society Conservation Chair Dave Weeshoff says:

    As a long-time Wildlife Docent at Descanso Gardens I was privileged with the opportunity to view and experience the Growing Habitat exhibit at the Sturt Haaga Gallery prior to its opening to the public, and was simply delighted. As an active birder, wildlife conservationist, world traveler, and part-time educator I found all the information, exhibits, photographs, interactive content and artwork truly engrossing and, frankly, world-class.

    I wholeheartedly encourage everyone - all ages - to take advantage of this short-term, engaging opportunity to learn of Southern California’s fascinating wildlife populations, their habitat, and the importance of preserving our diverse biological heritage for the enjoyment of all, and for generations to come.
    Dave Weeshoff
    San Fernando Valley Audubon Conservation Chair

    We hope you get a chance to take a look before it closes in August.  Give us a call if you would like to bring a group and have an AFC host available for questions (626) 796-0782.

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